Skyhost Task Management saves time and gives you the full picture

Increase the working efficiency with Skyhost

With Skyhost Jobs a big part of the administrative work is digitalized and automated. Minimize the administrative burden, optimize the workflow, decrease time wasted on doing the same task repeatedly, and increase the efficient working time. Skyhost Jobs provides you with the grand overview of your assignments, materials and working hours, all on one platform, which can easily be synchronized with other Skyhost modules and with your salary and economics systems. 

That way, Skyhost Jobs optimizes your workflow and minimizes administration, so you can increase the working efficiency. 

Digital worksheets

Skyhost Jobs digitalizes a big part of your administrative workload, and it makes sending out worksheets to your employees quick and easy. 

  • Save time on physical handover of tasks 
  • Overview of ongoing assignments 
  • Prioritized lists of tasks
  • Optimization of workflow 

Skyhost Jobs provides easy handover of assignments to the mobile employee 

Time- and material registration

Skyhost automates the notation of hour and pay sheets and is easily synchronized with your economics system.

  • Minimize the analogue paperwork 
  • Documentation for the generation of salary and billing 
  • Scan materials on your smartphone
  • Overview of time spent on each assignment 

Skyhost Jobs minimizes the analogue workload 

Overview of assignments

Skyhost Jobs provides you with the grand overview of the status of your assignments and usage of hours and materials on each assignment. 

  • Overview of finished, current and future assignments 
  • make sure you tend to the most important assignments first 
  • Live status updates 
  • Optimization of orders

Skyhost Jobs ensures you the best possible task management 

Everthing on one platform 

Skyhost Jobs minimizes confusion and gathers everything in one place, which can be used as the main platform for your task assignment. 

  • Overview of all materials and vehicles 
  • Photo documentation of a job well done
  • Hour and material registration 
  • Closer contact with employees and partners 

Skyhost gathers everything on one platform. 

Skyhost Jobs provides you with


Task Management is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One System

The system can be expanded with  Fleet Management, Time Registration, Photodocumentation and/or Intranet – depending on our needs.