• 1Contact Skyhost

    Contact Skyhost via info@skyhost.dk and we will call you and arrange a meeting.
  • 2Expectation meeting

    Skyhost comes to visit and talk to you about which Skyhost products suit you.
  • 4Selection of modules

    Together we select which modules make sense for your company to use as primary modules.
  • 3Setup

    Skyhost comes to visit again. This time to set up web portal.
  • 5 Possibly selection of start-up department

    If it is primarily one department that will use Skyhost, we will create a pilot project in this department so that we can tailor our teaching to your needs.
  • 6Workshop for super users

    You select 2-3 employees to be trained as super users.
  • 7Training of general users

    Skyhost, in collaboration with the super users, trains the rest of the relevant employees.
  • 8 Follow-up on use of the system

    After a period of using the Skyhost system, we will have a conversation about how the system works for you.
  • 9 Possible implementation of other departments

    If several departments are to use the Skyhost system, we hold another workshop where we train the other departments together.
  • 10Ongoing follow-up

    When everyone is well acquainted with the use of the Skyhost system, we carry out regular status interviews, training of new employees and/or implementations of new relevant modules.