Skyhost Fleets Management creates overview

Fleet Management shows on the bottom line and customer satisfaction 

Skyhost Fleet Management provides you with the grand overview of your entire fleet and it's driving patterns, which means you quickly and easily can optimize your mobility with lesser fuel consumption and better utilization of working hours. Fleet Management minimizes unnecessary expenses and provides you with live tracking of each and every vehicle in your fleet, to ensure you can easily locate the nearest employee in case of an emergency job.  


Save on  operating costs

With Skyhost Fleet Management you get all the relevant data, which ensures you the information to make driving time more efficient, optimize your workflow and utilize you resources optimally.
  • Optimize your employee's workflow 
  • Overview of utilized working hours 
  • Better planning of shifts / routes 
  • Optimize billed hours 

Skyhost Fleet Management changes your bottom line. 

Minimize administrative work

Skyhost Fleet Management automizes a part of the heavy administrative work assignments, which means you can concentrate on your core assignments sand refind your job satisfaction. 
  • • Digitalized workflow
    • Overview of vehicles anywhere
    • Automatization of data registration
    • Fully integrated with the economics system

Skyhost provides you with an overview and lifts the administrative burden. 

Reach your goal within the Green Transition

Skyhost Fleet Management provides you with an overview of your driving patterns, which means you can optimize for a greener mobility. 
  • System for easy carpooling
  • Overview of driving data 
  • Better planning of routes 
  • Optimization of fuel consumption

Skyhost Fleet Management is a step on the road towards the Green Transition.

Get a handle on your service agreements 

Skyhost Fleet Management keeps track of your service and leasing agreements, that way you can use your time and energy on other things. 
  • Automatic collection of relevant data
  • Automatic reminders 
  • Provides ease and peace 
  • Minimize overlooked flaws 

Skyhost makes it easy to ensure that your vehicles are always up to standards.

Skyhost Fleet Management provides you with 


Fleet Management is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system

The system can be expaned with  Task Management, Time Registration, Photodocumentation or Intranet – withever you need.