Skyhost Tool Management ensures you the grand overview of all your equipment 

Skyhost Tools provides you with the full picture of all your tools 

Through Skyhost Tools you are ensured the grand overview of your tools and maschinery, and you can easily pintpoint who has got the different equiptment. Furthermore, you can attach the manuals and maitenance chalendar in the Tools app, to make sure everything is used correctly and is always up to date and legal. 

With Skyhost Tools you are always un top of your equipment's location and condition.  


Minimize unnecessary purchases  

Skyhost Tools keeps track of where all your equipment is placed, that way nothing disappears, and you no longer have to spend money on replacing thing unnecessarily. 

  • Keep track of who used the tools before you
  • Keep your tools up to date
  • Make sure everything returns
  • Ensure everything is used correctly

Skyhost Tools affects your bottom line 

The right tool for the right job

With Skyhost Tools digital booking system you are always sure, that the right tool for the job is available. 

  • Book the tool through the app
  • Track who used the tool before you
  • Make sure the tool is available
  • Be sure the tool is up to date and ready to use

Skyhost Tools makes it easier to plan your work schedule 

Keep your equipment up to date

With Skyhost Tools it is easy to make sure your tools are always fully controlled, serviced and fully functioning, so you can always do the job satisfactory. 

  • Get automatic reminders of service and controls 
  • Track who performed controls the last time 
  • Plan with service calendar 
  • Make sure your tools are always up to date and ready

Skyhost Tools ensures your equipment is always in the best possible condition

Provide the best prerequisites

Skyhost Tools app puts the legally required manuals your employees' pocket, that way you can be sure that the tools are used correctly and safely. 

  • Make sure your equipment’s is used correctly
  • Make sure everyone always has access to the legally required manuals 
  • Minimizes damages on materials and employees
  • Provide the best possible prerequisites for your employees

Skyhost Tools makes sure everything is done right 

Skyhost Tools provides


Tools is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system

Systemet can be expanded with Task Management, Fleet Management, Time Registration and/or Intranet – depending on your needs.