Skyhost All-in-One System for the Public Sector

Skyhost for a more sustainable work life

Skyhost’s mission is to make the working life more sustainable. Whether it concerns minimizing the administrative pressure, so you can focus on your core assignments, or it concerns making it easy and possible to make the green choices on your way towards the Green Transition. Our intelligent All-in-One system offers tailored solutions, which eases the workflow, gives a broader overview, and helps you to regain your job satisfaction.

With Skyhost as a center for your task management you can pick and choose from all of our modules to create the perfect platform, that suits your needs.

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Selected customers from the Danish Public Sector who uses Skyhost's All-in-One system

Task Management


Skyhost Task Management saves time and gives you the grand overview

Skyhost Task Management gives you the possibility of adding and prioritizing job assignments from the office, which the employees in the field can access through their app. The employee can choose an assignment, register hours, upload photo documentation, mark the job as finished, and pick up the next assignment.

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Skyhost Partner module makes collaboration easier

With Skyhost Partner you can gather communication, task management, photo documentation and GIS modules in one place, where both you and your partner have access. With Skyhost Partner module both parts can follow the status on your shared assignments. Furthermore, the customers can also get access to part of the module, in order for them to keep track of the status the relevant assignment.

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Information directly to the employee on the move

With Skyhost Intranet you can communicate with your employees through both the web portal and through the app. With the Intranet module you get information sharing, new, skill information, contact information, company information, such as manuals, handbooks and guidelines, and direct messages, all gathered on one platform. Skyhost Intranet can be integrated with your intern mailbox, so that too becomes a part of the Intranet platform.

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Tool Management


Skyhost Tools ensures the grand overview of all your materials

Skyhost Tools’ tool management functions through QR codes or Beacons, which are installed in your tools. When you lend out your equipment, the equipment is scanned and attached to a location, a case, or an employee, to ensure you always know where your equipment is. When registering the tools, you can attach the maintenance calendar to each tool, this way, Skyhost will automatically remind you when it is time for check ups or service.

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Citizen tip 


Information directly from citizen to the municipality

Skyhost Citizen Tip App provides the citizens with the possibility to tip the public bodies quickly and easily with geo-tracking and photo documentation about flaws and damages in the public areas. This way, you ensure a better communication with your citizens, and you save resources and man hours driving around looking for damages.

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Skyhost GIS Module

With Skyhost GIS module it is possible to separate the GIS layers, so only the relevant layers are visible. Skyhost GIS module can be synchronized with other Skyhost modules, such as Task management, which means the employee gets access to job lists, GPS-locations, and the relevant GIS layer – all in one place.

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Photo Documentation


Skyhost Geotag as insurance for both employee and customer

With Skyhost Geotag App both employee and customer are ensured photo documentation for a finished job. All photo documentation is gathered in one place, where you can get an overview of the status of your assignments. Ensure quality and get in front of any questions or doubts with unmanipulable photo documentation.

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Keyless Booking


 A step towards a greener mobility

Skyhost Booking App makes car sharing and carpooling and easy and problem free. The booking app minimizes the administration and offers the option of keyless operation, which means you don’t have to think about pick up and drop off of the car and keys, it is all done digitally through the app. Skyhost Booking App ensures that the vehicles of the fleet get utilized in the best possible way, so you can save  both money and time, and drive along the right path towards the Green Transition.

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Fleet Management


Get the grand overview of the entire fleet

Skyhost GPS and Fleet Management provides a live overview of your entire fleet, generates driving logs, and reports automatically, for documentation of driven km, fuel consumption, driving patterns, service agreements etc. for each vehicle in your fleet. Furthermore, Skyhost will send you reminders when it is time for service, so you can be sure everything drives smoothly.

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Time Registration


Make it easy and manageable to keep track of your working hours

With Skyhost Time Registration app your working hours are registered automatically. This way, you minimize the risk of human errors on your time sheets. Skyhost Time Registration is integrated with Skyhost Task Management. The employee can choose an assignment on the app, and when the assignment is started, the time registration app is automatically counting hours until it is paused, or the assignment is set as finished. Skyhost Time Registration can be synchronized with your salary and economics systems.

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