Insurance-approved GPSs for private customers

Get control of security and finances with Skyhost

Are you aware that an insurance-approved GPS Tracker is required in your car to ensure that you are entitled to comprehensive insurance?
Skyhost secures you when the accident is over. With our F&P approved GPS, you are sure that you are approved for comprehensive insurance in case of theft.

In addition to giving you peace of mind regarding insurance matters, Skyhost GPS can also help you get a handle on the finances of your driving. Skyhost's GPS Tracker for cars automatically generates an electric driving record, where you can easily switch between private and business driving, so that you have all the correct information for SKAT in relation to your transport allowance.

In this way, Skyhost GPS Tracker for car helps you to get a handle on all the practical things, from safety to finances, so that you can always drive with peace of mind!

Electronic driving record

Get a quick and easy overview of your driving.
With Skyhost GPS Tracker, it is easy to distinguish between business and private driving, so you are sure to comply with tax regulations for documentation of kilometers driven. Skyhost's GPS Tracker can be accessed both as a web portal and as an app, so you can always quickly and easily switch from private to business driving, and vice versa. The system itself saves your kilometers driven, and automatically generates a driving record based on your data, which you can use as documentation for tax purposes.

Insurance approved GPS tracker for your car

Make sure you are eligible for comprehensive insurance.
With an insurance-approved Skyhost GPS Tracker installed in your car, the GPS alerts the control center in the event of theft. The control center will subsequently also be able to help you locate the car via Skyhost GPS tracking. With Skyhost GPS Tracker, you also have the option of monitoring your car yourself via the Skyhost Web portal and app, as well as having alarms sent directly to you by both e-mail and SMS.

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