Insurance approved GPS Tracker


Insurance approved GPS Tracker

With the Q50W GPS Tracker in your car, you are sure that you are entitled to comprehensive insurance


    • Automatically sends an alarm to the control center in the event of theft
    • Live track your car's location on both web and mobile
    • Option for automatic generation of driving record


With a Skyhost GPS Tracker you always stand stronger




Subscriptions, for your Skyhost GPS Tracker

Get the right subscription for your GPS Tracker so you can get the most out of everything the tracker has to offer


  • Connection to a 24-hour alarm center and SMS alerts that protect you in the event of theft
    Archiving of kilometers driven, which can be used for documentation for tax purposes
    Generation of driving log and reports on fuel consumption, alarm lights, kilometers driven etc.
    Access to live tracking of GPS Tracker via both web access and app


Get the most out of your Skyhost GPS Tracker

Fitting of your GPS tracker


Fitting of your GPS Tracker

Be sure that your GPS Tracker is mounted correctly so that you can make use of all the advantages that a GPS Tracker gives you


  • Installation at a certified workshop ensures that the GPS Tracker meets all requirements and is installed correctly


  • Choose to have one of Skyhost's on-the-go, certified installers come to your address, so you don't have to find time to drive to the workshop (only applies in Denmark)


Be sure that your Skyhost GPS Tracker fits properly with installation by a certified fitter
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