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GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker for your needs

With our selection of GPS Trackers for cars, trailers and machines, you can find exactly the tracker that suits you or your business
  • Insurance-approved GPS Tracker ensures you are eligible for comprehensive insurance
  • Track and document your kilometers driven for your transport allowance
  • Unlock the car with the phone
  • Green driving
  • Put an extra tracker on your car, trailer or machine and protect yourself in case of theft

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker you always stand stronger




Subscriptions for your Skyhost GPS Tracker

Get the right subscription for your GPS Tracker so you can get the most out of everything the tracker has to offer


  • Connection to a 24-hour alarm center and SMS alerts that protect you in the event of theft
  • Archiving of kilometers driven, which can be used for documentation for tax purposes
  • Generation of driving log and reports on fuel consumption, alarm lights, kilometers driven etc.
  • Access to live tracking of GPS Tracker via both web access and app

Get the most out of your Skyhost GPS Tracker




Accessories for your equipment

With our selection of extra accessories for your car, trailer, tools and machine, you are sure that you always have things under control


  • Track your equipment with Beacons


Make it all extra nice with Skyhost accessories

Software modules



Wide selection of software products

Get the big overview
  • Hourly consumption
  • Assignments
  • Communication
  • ... and much more!
Software modules for all imaginable situations for you and your employees, on both web and mobile.