Skyhost Resident App shortens the distance between residents and housing association

Closer contact between resident and housing association

With Skyhost Resident App shortens the distance between resident and housing association. Make it easy for residents to report flaws, wants and damages for quick improvements, to make sure you have happy and satisfied residents. Skyhost Resident App makes it possible for you to connect your craftsmen to the app, so your residents can contact them directly to plan dates and access for improvements, readings, and maintenance.

This way, Skyhost Resident App ensures happy and satisfied residents.

Overview of assignments

Skyhost Resident App gathers all reports of damages, flaws and wants from all your residents in one place. This way, you have the full overview of the maintenance of your leases.
  • One collected overview of cases
  • Reports of flaws and damages reach the correct recipient
  • Attached photos ensure you get the best understanding of the assignments
  • Be sure the leases are always up to standard

Skyhost Resident App ensures you the grand overview of your conditions of your leases

Shorten the distance to your residents

Skyhost Resident App provides you with a communication platform to the residents, where they can find your contact information, news, regulations, and operating status.
  • The residents can keep up with status and operating updates
  • The residents can interact with you through comments and likes on your posts
  • Direct contact to the residents
  • Your residents will feel included and well informed

Skyhost Resident App ensures happy and satisfied residents

Direct contact between resident and craftmen

Skyhost Resident App minimizes your administrative work by giving the residents the possibility to contact your craftsmen directly through the app.
  • The residents can contact your craftsmen directly
  • Residents, housing company, suppliers, and craftsmen all on one platform
  • Avoid craftsmen showing up to a locked residence
  • Minimize waiting on maintenance

With Skyhost Resident App you save time and resources on being “the middle man”

Skyhost Resident App offers


Skyhost Resident App is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system 

The system can be expanded with Fleet Management, Time Registration, Task Management and/or Intranet – depending on your needs.