Remote Support 

(only offered by agreement with a supporter)

Remote support enables our supporter to investigate your problem directly on your computer.

If you have agreed on remote support with a supporter, you simply need to download and install a small program called Teamviewer.


Downloading Teamviewer is free:

Limitation of liability

When you choose to receive remote support from Skyhost, you agree that we will connect to your computer and that we will temporarily have control over your computer. It is your responsibility at all times to back up data, software or other files stored on the computer.

You agree that Skyhost cannot be held liable for damage or loss of data and/or software or for indirect damages such as operational disruptions, lost earnings or lost revenue due to our remote access to your computer.

The program can be freely removed again after support has ended.

Need help?

Call support:  86 21 40 00

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: kl. 08:00 – 15:00

Friday: kl. 08.00 – 15:00

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