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    Statement from Herning Municipality

    When we use GPS tracking, we quickly and easily get an overview of our cars. We can track the number of driven kilometer pr. car, on a daily and monthly basis, and overtime. Thus, we can quickly get an overview of, whether the cars are used in the most efficient way.

    We use GPS tracking to look at driven kilometers every day, to get an overview, among other tings to track, when we need to switch cars around on the different routes to ensure that our leasing agreement is not exceeded on the kilometers. If we have an alarm attached, then we get a notification when our cars have driven 15.000 and 30.000 km.

    The Skyhost GPS app provides an overview during the everyday, as it provides an exact location, which is necessary, if we need to find the car, when we have to move/switch a car or if the car is broken. This way, we can get to the car most quickly and efficiently.

    The fact that you can always go back in time and view routes and time consumption on each car, makes Skyhost a good working tool.

    - Jen Glenn, Coordinator