Craftsmen, who uses the Skyhost All-in-One system

Statement from a craftsman, who uses Skyhost

Statement from Egil Rasmussen

Egil Rasmussen is a carpenter company from 1937, where we employ 240-50 carpenters. At Egil Rasmussen we do renovations, vi do new constructions, we run the service on a number of housing companies, and service for insurance companies, where we help repair the customers’ insurance damages. At Egil Rasmussen we previously had a system, where everything as registered manually; working hours were written on timesheets, which were delivered at the office to the office employees.

Today, all assignments come in through the house email, these mails are set up in our economics system with a case number, which is automatically generated in Skyhost. From Skyhost we can send out the assignments to our carpenters in the field, who then can see, what they have to do and register the hours they use on the assignments. With the Skyhost GPS, which we have in all of our cars, we can track which employee is closes to the address, in case of acute damages. This means, that we efficiently and quickly can secure the customer’s house. With Skyhost we have streamlined our everyday; we can send the assignments directly to our carpenter. This means, that we drive fewer kilometers than we used to. The documentation for the job is always available. This is a big advantage for both us and out customers.

- Søren Brøndrum, Leder of the Service Division