Skyhost Photo Documentation - an extra insurance 

Make sure your work is documented with Skyhost Geotag 

With Skyhost's Photo Documentation app you and your employees can easily ensure photo documentation for your work. With Geotag it is quick and easy to provide unmanipulable photos, which can be attached to a customer or a case, and which can be saved as long as you are a Skyhost customer. 

This way, Skyhost insures you and your employees against questions of doubt regarding your work. 


Photo documentation as extra insurance 

With photo documentation from Geotag you have always got a prove of a job well done, if any questions or doubts were to arise at a later date. 

  • • Unmanipulable photos
    • Photos are saved as long as you are a client
    • Geo-location tag on photos
    • Save time on unnecessary doubts

Skyhost provides you with valid documentation 

Everything on one platform

Skyhost Jobs minimizes confusion and gathers everything in one place, which can be used as the main platform for your task management. 

  • Overview of all materials and vehicles  
  • Photo documentation of a job well done 
  • Time and material registration 
  • Closer communication between employees and partners 

Skyhost gathers everything on one platform

Skyhost Geotag provides


Photo Documentation is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system

The system can be expanded with Task Management, Fleet Management, Time Registration and/or Intranet – dependent on your needs. 

Selected customers, who use Skyhost's All-in-One system

Skyhost Geotag is for

The Public Sector

Insure your work with photo documentation. 

With Skyhosts Geotag creates insurensce for your employees if questions of doubt should arise regarding their work. 



Make sure your work is documented. 

With Skyhost Geotag you can easily and quickly get unmanipulable photo documentation, which can be used for both ticking quality lists and for documentation in the event of doubts being raised.