Skyhost Leasing App, customer portal with your company design

Raise your customer loyalty and your market share

With Skyhost Leasing App you get a customer portal in your own design, which makes communication between you and your customers stronger. Gather your contact and marketing to your customers in one place and become top-of-mind with your own name and logo, news, car catalogue, and offers directly in the customer’s pocket via the app. Skyhost Leasing App makes it easy to raise both awareness and service levels, which strengthens and prolongs your relationship with your customers, both before, during and after the leasing period.

This way, Skyhost ensures a stronger customer loyalty and thus a bigger share of the market.

Selected leasing companies, who use the Skyhost All-in-One system

Tailored customer portal

Skyhost Leasing App keeps you top-of-mind. With your own design, name and logo the app will be an integrated part of the customer’s everyday life, when they use the wide variety of functions fund in Leasing App.
  • Become a part of your customer’s everyday life
  • Stay top-of-mind
  • Easy and simple for the customer
  • Tailored functions

Skyhost Leasing App raises the customer loyalty

Upsales, upsales, upsales

Skyhost Leasing App gatherers all marketing towards the customer on one platform. With Skyhost Leasing App you can be assured, that the customer is always aware of your news and special offers, as they will be notified directly on their smartphone via the app.
  • Sale directly through the app
  • Be top-of-mind
  • Easy access to catalogues, shop, news, and special offers, right in the pockets of the customer
  • Engage the customers

Skyhost Leasing App raises sales

All SoMe in one place

Skyhost Leasing App gathers all communication platforms in one place. With Skyhost Leasing App you can gather all communication with current and potential customers, so you can get the grand overview of where you need to focus.
  • Nudge potential customers with targeted offers
  • One grand overview of active users
  • Contact customers, collected and individually
  • Targeted marketing

Skyhost Leasing App keeps track on leads and pipelines

Minimize adinistration

Skyhost minimizes the heavy administration. Let Skyhost fix a part of the administrative work, that way you can concentrate on what you do best: giving the best possible service to your customers.
  • Minimize the flow of credit notes
  • No coordination between customer and mechanic
  • Automatic calculations of service and repair deals
  • Integrations and automatic transfer of data to your economics system

Skyhost frees up time and raises customer satisfaction

Focus on service deals

Skyhost makes sure your bills are controlled and correct regarding your service and repair deals. Let Skyhost deal with part of the administration of your service and repair deals, so you can be sure, that you never overpay.
  • Automatic km. counter
  • Bill checking
  • Automatic accounting
  • Overview of service deals

Skyhost keeps track of the economy

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