Skyhost Booking App optimizes the usage of your fleet 

Make it easy to use every vehicle in your fleet optimally 

With Skyhost Booking App carpooling and car sharing is easy and problem free. Use the company fleet most efficiently without the addition of extra administrative work by using Skyhost’s intelligent booking app. Skyhost Booking App offers online booking and keyless operation of vehicles, which means, that you do not have to worry about the planning of pick up and drop of of neither car nor key – it is all handled digitally through the app.

 This way, you are sure, that the vehicles of the fleet are utilized optimally to save you both time and money, and make sure you are driving along the right road to a greener transition.

Save time on the administrative work

With Skyhost Booking App you no longer need to worry about personal handover of keys or manual booking sheets – everything is done directly through the app.
  • Keyless operation
  • Digital booking
  • Overview of available vehicles
  • All necessary information directly in your pocket

Skyhost Booking App saves time and optimizes the workflow

Green driving

Skyhost Booking App makes carpooling and car sharing easy, and saves you both money and CO2, to make sure you can reach your goal for the green transition.
  • Put up your planned route for carpooling bookings
  • Overview of available vehicles
  • Save the environment
  • Strengthen the relationships to your colleagues with carpooling

Skyhost Booking App helps you make the sustainable choice

Skyhost Booking App offers


Skyhost Booking App is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system 

The system can be expanded with Fleet Management, Time Registration, Task Management and/or Intranet – depending on your needs.