Skyhost Intranet creates closer contact

Information for the mobile worker

With Skyhost Intranet the communication between your company and the employees gets tighter. Ensure that every employee has access to important information, such as news and employee handbooks. With the personalized mailboxes with contact and skill lists, you ensure that you and your employees quickly and easily reach the right colleague. Skyhost Intranet gather all internal communication in one place.

This way, you ensure that every employee is always reachable and well informed.

Gather all communication en one place

Skyhost Intranet gives you the opportunity to gather all communication, both between company and employees, and between colleagues in one place.
  • Personalized mailbox for all employees
  • Give the employee the opportunity to react and comment on public posts
  • Find the right employee for the job with the skills sheet
  • Ensure all employees receives their messages

Skyhost Intranet makes the internal communication easy


Gather all information in one place

Skyhost Intranet app puts news, manuals, employee handbooks and other important information directly in the pocket on every employee.
  • Minimize doubts about procedures
  • Save time on individual newsletters
  • Have all important information right in your pocket
  • Always know where to look for information

Skyhost Intranet ensure access to alle important information at all times

Everthing on one platform

Skyhost Jobs minimizes confusion and gathers everything in one place, which can be used as the main platform for your task management.

  • Overview of all equipment and vehicles
  • Photo documentation of finished jobs
  • Hour- and material registration
  • Closer communication between coworkers and partners

Skyhost is an All-in-One platform

Skyhost Intranet offers



Skyhost Intranet is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system 

The system can be expanded with Fleet Management, Time Registration, Task Management and/or Photo Documentation – depending on your needs.

Selected customers, who uses Skyhost's All-in-One system

Skyhost Intranet is for

The Public Sector

Gather all internal contacts and information in one place

With Skyhost Intranet you will get one platform for all internal communication and sharing of information between office and employee, and between colleagues, which can be accessed via both the Skyhost web portal and via the app. Ensure that all employees have access to news, manuals, handbooks, e-learning and mailbox etc. That way, you ensure, that your employees are always well informed and prepared.


Closer contact to mobile employees

With Skyhost Intranet you get at secure platform for all your communication with your employees out in the field. Make sure, that you can always reach the relevant employee for an assignment through the contact and skills lists, and the personalized mailbox, which can be accessed anywhere via the app.