Insurance certified GPS Tracker

Make sure you are eligible for car insurance

With an insurance certified GPS Tracker from Skyhost installed in your car, the tracker will notify the alarm company in case of theft. The alarm company will also be able to track your car though the specific GPS tracker. Furthermore, a Skyhost GPS Tracker gives you the possibility to track your car yourself through the Skyhost web portal and app and will also notify you through email and text message in case the car is moved without the engine being turned on.

Do you have a need for the generation of an electronic driving log along side your insurance certified GPS Tracker? Skyhost can provide you with both in one Skyhost subscription.  Read more about Skyhost's electronic driving log here. 

Use Skyhost for insurance in case of theft

Skyhost GPS Tracker ensures that you are eligible for car insurance in case of theft

Skyhost’ GPS Tracker model Q50W is certified by the Danish insurance companies and can be connected to an alarm company. The GPS unit is a onetime purchase –  view the prices HERE. The tracker must be fitted into the car by an authorized workshop or by one of our mechanics. At last, you sign up for a Skyhost GPS subscription, which is paid on a yearly basis.

The subscription covers the connecting to the alarm company, the sim-card in the unit, and the license to Skyhost.

That way, you are left better of with a Skyhost GPS and subscription, in the case of theft.


Make sure that everything is fitted correctly

Most insurance companies demand that the GPS unit gets installed by a certified workshop. When buying a GPS Tracker from Skyhost, you have the possibility to get the unit fitted by one of your mobile, certified mechanics, or order the unit sent to your address and bring it in to a certified workshop of your own choice.

Control and alarm center

Be at ease with Skyhost and Den Jyske Kontrolcentral (the Control Center of Jutland)

Skyhost’s insurance certified GPS Trackers uses Den Jyske Kontrolcentral, which is approved by the National Police. When you have a Skyhost GPS unit fitted in your car, it is Den Jyske Kontrolcentral, who will be notified in case of theft, and then they will contact you. Together you can track the GPS unit and direct the police towards the stolen vehicle.

ATTENTION: You yourself need to report the vehicle stolen!

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker you can also choose a subscription where you get notifications directly from the GPS unit in case of theft, and you can then yourself track the device on Skyhost web portal or through the app.

We collaborate with the following insurance companies

Even if your insurance company is not on the list, there is a good chance, that they will accept our products. Contact your insurance company or us to make sure, that you are covered with a Skyhost GPS Tracker.

  • Forsikring & Pension (F&P)
  • Tryg
  • Codan
  • Nykredit Forsikring
  • Fair
  • Alka
  • Forstædernes forsikring
  • Runa
  • Thisted Forsikring
  • Alm. Brand
  • Købstædernes Forsikring
  • Lærestandens Forsikring
  • Himmerland
  • Bauta
  • FDM
  • TopDanmark
  • IF Forsikring

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