Skyhost GIS for the employee on the move

Put GIS in the pocket of the employee in the field

With Skyhost GIS you can downsize the heavy GIS system and put the relevant layers directly in the pocket of the employee out in the field via their smartphone. Minimize wasted time and the administrative work by extracting the relevant GIS layers directly from other GIS systems, thus ensuring that your employees have got all the right information for a job. Skyhost GIS provides you with the opportunity to edit the GIS layers and upload the information to the other GIS systems. This way, you help ensure that the GIS systems are always updated.

Skyhost GIS ensures you and your employees out in the field the best possible conditions to do the job quickly and correctly.

Minimize the administrative work

With Skyhost GIS it is easy and quick to extract the relevant GIS layers and send them directly to the employee in the field.
  • Save time on manual handover of information
  • Minimize human errors
  • Direct access to GIS through the app
  • Optimize the workflow

Skyhost GIS ensures the employee in the field the best possible conditions

Keep the shared GIS layers updated

Skyhost GIS ensures that your employees have the correct information required to do the job quickly, efficiently, and correctly.
  • Avoid mistakes and confusion caused by errors in the GIS layers
  • Be a part of the collective information sharing
  • Supply the employee in the field with the correct information
  • Do it right the first time around

Skyhost GIS ensures updated and correct information across the GIS systems

Use GIS as documentation for a job well done

With Skyhost GIS you can edit, ad and view the history on the GIS layers, which means you can update the GIS layers after you finish a job.
  • Photo documentation for a finished job
  • Ad and edit in the GIS layers
  • Keep track of your finished jobs
  • Make sure the job is done correctly

Skyhost GIS give you an overview of finished jobs

Skyhost GIS offers



Skyhost GIS is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system 

The system can be expanded with Fleet Management, Time Registration, Photo Documentation and/or Intranet – depending on your needs.