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At Skyhost, we are proud to be a part of the Green Transformation! 

Here at Skyhost it is our mission to make the working life sustainable! No matter if it concerns the simplification of the daily administrative pressure, so you can focus on your core assignments, or if it is about making it easy for you to make the green choice.

With Skyhost’s many intelligent fleet management tools, centered around Skyhost GPS Trackers, you will automatically gain access to all the information, that will ensure you the proper foundation for making the right decisions on the road towards the Green Transition!


If you want to know more about how Skyhost can help your company to drive greener, then contacts us now!

Insurance approved GPS and electronic drivers log  for private customers

Get a quick and easy overview of your driving

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker you will easily get a handle on your travel allowance. The Skyhost system automatically generates a travel log from your data, which can be used as documentation for the tax office.

Make sure you are acceptable for car insurance

With an insurance approved Skyhost GPS Tracker installed in your car, you are secure in case of theft. We corporate with a vide range of insurance companies  to make sure that you can always leave your car without worry.

Become a part of a flourishing software company!

At Skyhost we are always on the look out for skilled software developers!

Do you want to be a part of a software company, where you get to self-develop, where two days are never the same, where the jargon is light and unformal, where you get access to a nice fitness room and a delicious lunch arrangement? – then send your cover letter and CV to

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