Skyhost electronic driving log

Get an easy and quick overview of your driving

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker it is easy to change between business and private driving and you are sure to uphold the regulations regarding documentation for tax purposes. A Skyhost GPS Tracker can be accessed through both the Skyhost web portal and the app, from where you can interchange between business and private drives. The system logs your driven km and automatically generates a driving log from your data, which can be used as documentation for the tax office.

Electronic Driving Log - here is what you need

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker and a Skyhost subscription we can help you with automatic logging and keeping track of your driving data. If you need an insurance certified GPS Tracker, to ensure you being eligible for car insurance, Skyhost will find the right tracker for you.

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker in your car you get an automatically generated driving log and access to your electronic driving log through both web portal and smartphone app. So, all you need is a Skyhost GPS Tracker that fites your needs, a subscribtion, and internet access. 

Make sure your driving log adheres to the taxation regulations

The Skyhost GPS Tracker automatically generates driving logs using the car’s driving data. The Skyhost system logs and saves the data for at least three years, according to the documentation laws of the Danish tax office, SKAT.

Be aware that the rules and regulations may be changed.


Further information can be found on SKAT's webpage

Split leasing regulations

With split leasing, you can settle the tax on your car in installments along with the financing of the car.

The advantage is that the duty is calculated from the car’s used-car-value if it is more that three years old. This practically means, that it is cheaper than if you bought the car with the full duty-value and sold it again after 3 years. In that case 2/3 of the value-loss would be duty.


When you split lease, remember to register driven km and documentation of private vs. business driving. With a Skyhost GPS Tracker this is updated ad logged automatically!


Get more information about split leasing at your leasing company. 

Switch between private and business driving

With a Skyhost GPS Tracker it is quick and easy to switch between private and business driving.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Manuel editing after driving through the web portal or the app
  • Get at switch in your car, that switches between private and business with one click
  • Shift with Skyhost Remote, which can be found in the Skyhost app

The driving log can be sent via email, attached as an appendix, or printed, depending on your needs. With a Skyhost subscription the log is saved for 3 years.

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