Skyhost Partner ensures the good communication 

Create a closer relation to your partners

With Skyhost's collaborationtool, Partner, you are going to have closer contact with your partners. Track task statuses, material- and timeregistration, comments, notes and everything that concerns to the appointed task, only by using the Skyhost Partner app or webportal. Skyhost Partner collects and gives you an overview over your appointed/shared tasks on one platform, where it easily can be synchronized with other Skyhost modules, and with your salary- and financial systems. 

This way, Skyhost Partner ensures you closer contact with your partners and thereby you will always have a large overview over every appointed- and shared tasks.

An overview of the economy 

With Skyhost Partner, you can be sure that you will not encounter any unwanted surprises when creating/paying invoices for your partners. 

  • Easy transfer of data for your financial system
  • Get insight of usage for every single task 
  • Security for every correct invoice creation/payment 
  • Ensure that you are not overspending

Skyhost Partner kan ses på bundlinjen

One platform for all communication

Skyhost Partner is a collaboration tool, which creates one single platform for all your communication with your partners. 

  • One single digital platform for all information sharing 
  • Overview of shared/delegated tasks 
  • Make sure your partners always have got the right information
  • No unforeseen expenses or waiting time 

Skyhost Partner ensures the sharing of information 

Spar tid på administrative processer

Skyhost Partner digitaliserer al kommunikation samt informations- og opgavedeling med jeres samarbejdspartnere,  uanset hvor de befinder sig.

  • Spar tid på fysisk overlevering af opgaver
  • Overblik over igangværende opgaver
  • Direkte kommunikation med samarbejdspartner i appen
  • Optimering af arbejdsgangen

Skyhost Partner optimerer administrationen ved opgavesamarbejder

Skyhost Partner offers


Skyhost Partner is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system

The system can be expanded with Task Management, Fleet Management, Time Registration and/or  Intranet – depending on your needs