Skyhost for Contractors

Contractors all over Denmark are using Skyhost’s flexible all-in-one system, which consists of wide range of optional modules, which can all be integrated into one system. This has a lot of advantages for you, who is a contractor and works with different subcontractors and other partners.

Get an overview of relevant Skyhost modules below.

Selected contractors, sho use the Skyhost All-in-One system

Fleet Management 


Get the grand overview of the entire fleet

Skyhost GPS and Fleet Management provides a live overview of your entire fleet, generates driving logs, and reports automatically, for documentation of driven km, fuel consumption, driving patterns, service agreements etc. for each vehicle in your fleet. Furthermore, Skyhost will send you reminders when it is time for service, so you can be sure everything drives smoothly.

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Tool Management


Skyhost Tools ensures the grand overview of all your materials

Skyhost Tools’ tool management functions through QR codes or Beacons, which are installed in your tools. When you lend out your equipment, the equipment is scanned and attached to a location, a case, or an employee, to ensure you always know where your equipment is. When registering the tools, you can attach the maintenance calendar to each tool, this way, Skyhost will automatically remind you when it is time for check ups or service.

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