Skyhost Citizen Tip  shortens the distance between municipality and citizen

Engage the citizens in the usage and beautification of public areas

With Skyhost Borger Tip you shorten the distance between the citizens and the public sector. Make it easy for the citizens to engage in their local community by giving them a direct connection to the public bodies, who takes care of the public areas, and makes them usable. Skyhost Citizen Tip gives the citizens the possibility to tip the public bodies about flaws, damages and wants, and keeps the citizens updated on the process of bettering the reported flaws.

This way, Skyhost Citizen Tip ensure engagement and a feeling of ownership in the citizens regarding the public areas in their community.

Overview of assignments

Skyhost Citizen Tip gathers all tips from citizens in one place and gives you the grand overview of the status of bettering and beautification of public areas.
  • Get at visual overview of tips with geo-location on a map
  • Flaws and wants gets to the right department right away
  • Photos ensures a better understanding of the job at hand
  • Ensure that public areas are always inviting

Skyhost Citizen Tip gives you the grand overview of where you can make a physical difference in the local community

Shorten the distance to the citizens

With Skyhost Citizen Tip the citizens can keep up with the status of the bettering of their tips, to ensure them, that their engagement in their local community matters
  • Citizens can keep track of status updates
  • The citizens are invited to take an active part in their community
  • Direct contact between the citizen and the public bodies
  • Better city life and culture

Skyhost Citizen Tip ensures the citizens’ engagement in the bettering of public areas

Everthing on one platform

Skyhost Jobs minimizes confusion and gathers everything in one place, which can be used as the main platform for your task management.

  • Overview of all equipment and vehicles
  • Photo documentation of finished jobs
  • Hour- and material registration
  • Closer communication between coworkers and partners

Skyhost is an All-in-One platform

Skyhost Borgertip offers


Citizen Tip is a part of Skyhost's All-in-One system 

The system can be expanded with Fleet Management, Time Registration, Task Management and/or Intranet – depending on your needs.

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